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Labor and Economic Analysis Division, Department of Commerce

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  Economic Analysis Federal/State Programs-Bureau of Labor Statistics Market Analysis & Strategy Operations & Metrics Information Delivery Workforce, Research & Evaluation

LEAD Teams

The teams that comprise LEAD (Labor & Economic Analysis Division) are:

  • Economic & Policy Analysis – Studies national, statewide, and local economic trends and provides unbiased, nonpartisan, research-based analyses of key economic development issues important to North Carolina.
  • Federal/State Cooperative Programs-Bureau of Labor StatisticsProduces, develops and disseminates key economic information and data for the state and various substate geographies through five federal/state cooperative programs with the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).
  • Information Delivery – Maintains demographic and economic data through various data tools and is the clearinghouse for publishing labor market information.
  • Workforce, Research & Evaluation – Evaluates and reports on the effectiveness of educational and workforce development programs and services.

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