Our multilingual staff members are located in two domestic and seven foreign office locations, each specializing in a specific industry sector. N.C.-based business development managers work with our international offices to articulate your needs and strategies and complete your international sales transactions.

John C. Loyack
Director of International Trade
(919) 715-5743
Fax: (919) 733-0110 
Industry Sectors: Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences, Chemicals and Plastics 

The contact information for Business Development Managers is given below:

Glenn F. Jackman
(919) 733-2829
Fax: (919) 733-0110
Industry Sectors: Textiles, Apparel and Hosiery, Sporting Goods, and Marine Technology 

Rick Hill
(919) 715-5742
Fax: (919) 733-0110
Industry Sectors: IT, Nanotechnology, Environmental Technology and Alternative Energy

Kuldip S. Wasson
(919) 715-5771
Fax: (919) 733-0110
Industry Sectors: Information and Communications Technology, Security, Computers and Electronics 

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